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WhoTats Original Cool Monkey

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Aware Gear

WhoTats Original Cool Monkey


This water-applied temporary tattoo dons a friendly purple monkey who is ready with your phone number, no matter where your kid's are playing.

• reads "If I'm lost, please call", includes space for a custom imprinted contact phone number so your child can help; 
• Choice of CLEAR if you want a soft, subtle look, or BOLD for a more showy look or have darker skin; 
• 1.5"x1.6875", sized just right to comfortably fit on your child's hand, wrist or upper arm; 
• pack of ten (10) tats in a handy resealable bag to keep in your pocket, purse or wallet.


For best results, don't place a temporary tattoo on areas with a lot of hair. Be sure your skin is clean and dry and free of any oils, sunscreen or lotions (You may apply sunscreen after you’ve applied and allowed your WhoTat to dry.)

•Carefully peel the clear glossy sheet away from the tattoo paper, leaving the image on the paper.

•With dry hands, press the sticky side of the tattoo paper onto your skin. Press and hold firmly, letting our body heat set the tattoo in place. Hold for one minute.

•Wet a sponge or towel with warm water and thoroughly wet the back (paper) of your tattoo. As the water soaks in, the tattoo will become visible through the paper. The paper will slide off the tattoo. Let the tattoo dry completely.



You can easily remove your WhoTat any time by saturating the tat with baby oil or cold cream. Be sure to wash the area again with soap and water before applying another temporary tattoo. You can also use rubbing alcohol, but this is may be to harsh for very young children. Your WhoTat can last from two to several days.


Warning: For ages 3+ (choking hazard). Limit use on sensitive skin. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.




We recommend that you use personalize your WhoTat with the phone number of the responsible adult for child at the time. For example:

If your child will be at school, use her parent or guardian’s number

If your child will be on a field trip, it should be the teacher or camp leader’s. A separate tat can be worn with the parent/guardian’s number if the trip leader does not carry emergency info for kids on his/her trip.

If your child will be with you, your phone number should be on the tat.

If your child will be with a babysitter at home, the tat should have your phone number


If your child will be on an outing with someone else, it should have that caregiver’s number.