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WhoTats DRY2 Angel

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Aware Gear

WhoTats DRY2 Angel


• Waterless temporary tattoo is easy to apply; there's no mess since you don't need any water

• Whether you believe in angels or not, this one is right there to guard your child by arming her with the emergency contact info whenever she's out and about. That's blessed assurance.

• Includes 1.625"x0.25" space to personalize your phone number or any special note.

• Shows well on all skin tones

• Set of ten (10) tats; skin-safe pen included



For best results, don't place a temporary tattoo on areas with a lot of hair. Be sure your skin is clean and dry and free of any oils, sunscreen or lotions (You may apply sunscreen after you’ve applied and allowed your WhoTat to dry.)

•Remove paper backing

•Place sticky side of the clear sheet down on skin

•Cover with hand. Apply even, gentle pressure for one minute

•Slowly peel off clear sheet

•Optional: Personalize with phone number or special need using skin-safe, waterproof marker



Saturate with baby oil and gently rub off -or- use rubbing alcohol -or- household transparent tape.


Warning: For ages 3+ (choking hazard). Limit use on sensitive skin. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.




We recommend that you use personalize your WhoTat with the phone number of the responsible adult for child at the time. For example:

If your child will be at school, use her parent or guardian’s number

If your child will be on a field trip, it should be the teacher or camp leader’s. A separate tat can be worn with the parent/guardian’s number if the trip leader does not carry emergency info for kids on his/her trip.

If your child will be with you, your phone number should be on the tat.

If your child will be with a babysitter at home, the tat should have your phone number


If your child will be on an outing with someone else, it should have that caregiver’s number.