WhoTats Temporary Tattoos and Skin Stick-OnZ

WhoTats™ are custom imprinted temporary tattoos that are safe and fun to wear. They meet CPSC CPSIA requirements (lead and phthalate free) and are FDA compliant, made from medical adhesive, and are safe for most skin types.

But unlike other tats, they are personalized with just enough information that will keep you connected with your child without giving away too much information to strangers.

WhoTats are useful for keeping you connected to your kids at public places like malls, amusement parks, stadium events, airports, and school/camp field trips. Please check our "Wise Up" page for safety tips for children and families.

WhoTats come packaged in a plastic bag in sets of 10, ready to place in your purse or wallet, ready to be where and when you are. Get a set with your cell phone number, your school, camp leader, and Grandma and Grandpa’s, caregiver or whoever’s in charge of your child at the time.

They are the perfect safety product for your active child and/or special needs child.

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