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Know Your Phone Number

Last night before going to bed, my 7-year old son was giggling about a Junie B. Jones story where one of the characters couldn’t remember her phone number even though it was all 5s. Which made me wonder…

“Matt, can you tell me your home number?” 

“That’s easy! 555-1234.”

“Um… that’s close. But close isn’t good enough. Let’s work on it.”

We all know how important it is to know one’s phone number, and usually I’d be practicing with the kids. But all the homework and after school activities and soccer games and visiting grandparents… well, you know the story. I just hadn’t had the time nor energy. I’m going to practice with him once a week at least, but it’s a good thing that I also arm him with a WhoTat when we’re out and about. Just in case.

“But I have a cell phone with the numbers programmed in!”

Cell phones are great, but they can stop working at the most inopportune times. Two examples.

I was in the ER a month ago where one of the patients, in his 40s, was desperately asking around for a charger for his cell phone. Apparently, his battery was dead and all his important phone numbers were stored on his cell. He needed to call someone to take him home, but even his home number was stored on his phone, not in his head! After over an hour of popping the batteries out of other patients’ phones to see if they were compatible with his, the man was finally able to find someone with a compatible charger, call a friend, and get a ride home.

There’s a teenage college student who helps out with my business once in a while. I’d made fun of him when he purchased the insurance on his new iPhone. After all, how quickly could it get lost or damaged? And surely there would be a newer model by then. Well, I was wrong. He’s on his third iPhone (same model) already, having dropped the first two in his soup and in his ice cream.

Lesson: Cell phones are good to have, but they can get lost or lose charge or dropped into a messy meal. But a WhoTat stays with your child all the time in case she can’t remember your emergency contact number quite yet.

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